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Let me tell you a little something about us.


Cigar City Smoked Salsa is made with only the finest all natural, fresh ingredients. It is those ingredients that when combined, make for the best tasting salsa on the market! Our product is gluten free, vegan friendly and always fresh. All our fruits and vegetables are hickory smoked, processed and packaged with absolutely no preservatives added, giving you the best product around. The Cigar City Smoked Salsa is the perfect complement to your favorite chips, eggs, fish, meat, and vegetables... it’s delicious on everything and anything! However you choose to enjoy Cigar City Smoked Salsa, we guarantee your absolute satisfaction. Enjoy your favorite temperature of Cigar City Smoked Salsa Today! Mild, Medium, Hot, Pineapple or Mango Habanero!

Owners and Chef

Cigar City Smoked Salsa owners is a local Tampa group of friends and associates.  The original founders came up with the recipe to smoke the ingredeints before blending, and after sharing their new concoction with with friends and relatives, they know they had something.   Neveer giving up, new personalities joined the Cigar City Smoked Salsa family and took the original dream of the founders to distribution level they had hoped.